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Happy Childhood from the Candy Series

Happy Childhood from the Candy Series



Happy Childhood, choosing the righ path going forward from the Candy series, 48"x48" oild painting on canvas with hand made metal copper elements and final coat of Art Resin.

Acrylic painting on gallery style panel with hand formed metal copper elements applied/glued to the panel and with final coat of the Art Resin to prevent copper from oxidation.

The process is new, invented by me back in 2018 just before the Toronto Artist Project at the Exhibition Center. I use the mixed media acrylic paint, crayons sometime oil paint on gallery style wooden panel or canvas.


Once I am happy with the painting and I think is ready I will start incorporating the copper metal elements (hand formed to the desire shape light gage metal copper) when all is done and glue is dried, I will complete all with final one or two coat of Art Resin. All gives me additional finish, protects copper for oxidation (the copper will never change the shade or color) and enhanced all the colors used on the painting.


That’s all, however there is one more important aspect, once the painting hangs on the wall and because the natural light in the room always changes during the day you will see at different time of the day almost a different painting as the copper will reflects/shines differently with different insensitivity . During the evenings and night times when you use your interior lamps/light you will see, experience all in a way different from before. The copper with the surrounding colors gives you additional light, will shine differently and you might experience/feel all in varied ways.

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