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Mirek is a GTA based artist. His artistic practice focuses on the effects paintings have on individual’s emotions. He has been surrounded by art his entire life, where through his family and childhood his passion for the arts began. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland where he spent six extensive years studying all areas of both art and design.


He came to Canada to settle down and begin his new life. Thirty years later, Miro continues to be deeply passionate about art and design. Mirek experimented with a variety of different styles. Now, committed to abstract painting his work is heavily influenced by artists such as Michael Goldberg, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Gustav Klimt.


Mirek’s work is intuitive, using form, shape, texture, and color to express my emotions. He creates texture by using both oils and acrylics applied to the canvas by using different tools including scrapers, brushes, found objects and even his hands. What he enjoys most about painting is that it can provide the viewer with a sense of emotion, a sort of comfort for the viewer, regardless of what emotion that may be. In today’s busy technology-centered world; people can still come home and enjoy the simple things in life. By looking at his paintings people can relax, they can bring a sense of imagination to the viewer that’s very personal to each individual.

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